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Italian tramezzini bread baking for sandwich

"Tramezzini Bread" is an Italian white bread used specifically for making soft and delicious tramezzini sandwiches. It's fluffy, subtly sweet and especially soft, making it the perfect base for a wide variety of fillings. I regularly prepare this bread in my own kitchen - it's an absolute crowd pleaser and always a delight!



number of servings
  • 500 g Wheat flour Added to
  • 1 Cube fresh yeast Added to
  • 1 TL salt Added to
  • 2 TL sugar Added to
  • 50 g softened butter Added to
  • 300 ml lukewarm milk Added to


120 min.
1. Step

To make the tramezzini bread recipe start by dissolving the yeast and sugar in the lukewarm milk. This step is very important for the activation of the yeast. Let the mixture rest for about 10 minutes until it starts to foam.

2. Step

In a large bowl, mix the flour and salt. Make a well in the center and pour in the yeast-milk mixture. Also add the softened butter.

3. Step

Knead the whole thing into a smooth dough. Patience is required here: the longer and more intensively you knead the dough, the better the texture of the bread will be!

4. Step

Shape the dough into a ball, place it back in the bowl and cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel. The dough should now rest for about two hours. A warm environment is ideal - this is how your dough rises best!

5. Step

After the resting time, the volume of the dough should have doubled. Now knead it again vigorously and shape the bread.

6. Step

Bake the Italian Tramezzini Bread at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-35 minutes until it turns a nice golden color. It's done when it sounds hollow when you tap the bottom. Let it cool completely before slicing. Cut the tramezzini bread into square pieces, cut in half and fill as you like to make hearty sandwiches - classic Italian snack !

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