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See the most tasty recipes from the category breakfast. One of these 503 recipes may become your new favorite. You will need this much time for the following recipes 5 - 720 minutes. By clicking the recipe, you can see details about the preparation time and the number of portions. If we’re talking about good recipes, then these favorites come to mind - How to make Montecristo gourmet sandwiches?, Cheesecake Recipe Easy, Traditional gingerbread recipe, Simple homemade Lemonade Scones. Will you try one out?

Nutella Christmas tree

The imminent joy of Christmas makes us get creative in the kitchen! I experimented in my kitchen and conjured up a dreamy \Nutella Christmas tree\. This sweet treat is not only a hit with the little ones, but also with the grown-ups. It's easy to make, looks fantastic and tastes heavenly!

Graved salmon from Scandinavia

Graved salmon is one of my absolute favorite dishes and I have prepared it many times for friends and family. This recipe of mine is the result of much experimentation and adaptation. The amazing thing is that it is so incredibly easy to make, yet so tasty and impressive. A piece of fresh salmon fillet is marinated in a spicy pickle and is ready to serve after two days.

Homemade tangerine jam

I've always been a big fan of jam and have done a few experiments with different fruits. But tangerine marmalade really stands out. It has that bright, citrusy flavor that just pops in any toast, pastry or yogurt you add it to. With this recipe, you could enjoy winter freshness even in the coldest season.

Spiced Christmas coffee

This spiced Christmas coffee has become one of my favorite recipes to brighten up cold December mornings. The aroma of the spices and coffee fill the house with a festive fragrance that immediately puts everyone in the holiday spirit. I have made it year after year during the holidays and always receive rave reviews from family and friends. It is definitely a recipe to memorize.

Recipe for mulled wine jam

This mulled wine jam is a recipe that I make every year in the run-up to Christmas. It brings the spicy, warming taste of the Christmas market straight to your breakfast roll. With its rich flavors of cinnamon, cloves and orange zest, it's a delicious start to the day and a perfect homemade gift for Christmas.

Nutella cookies Christmas treat

These Nutella cookies are one of my favorite Christmas treats. I've perfected this recipe over the years, and it's always a hit with kids and adults alike. Soft, chocolatey and incredibly easy to make, they are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot cocoa.

Choux pastry

Pasta Choux is one of the stars of French pastry and one of my favorites to prepare because of its versatility. I love it because, despite being simple, it always impresses. Whether we use them to make profiteroles, éclairs or filled choux, the addictive flavor and crunchy texture always make it worth it.

Traditional Scotch Eggs

The scotch eggs were always my favorite recipe at family picnics. They were always prepared in no time at all and the end result was always extremely impressive. I have refined the recipe over several years and am very pleased with the crispy exterior and perfectly soft interior that this version offers. Boiled eggs are coated in sausage mixture and fried until breaded. Enjoy your meal!

Simple breakfast rolls

I have always loved homemade bread. Its smell, taste and texture are completely incomparable to what you buy in the store. I often bake these simple rolls for breakfast. They are soft, fluffy and perfect for spreading with butter or jam. Best of all, they are very simple to prepare.

Fitness omelette

A tasty way to start the day is to make this fitness omelette.

Apple Sandwich

Recipe for baked apple sandwich, which is suitable for breakfast.

Homemade butter croissants

Recipe for homemade butter croissants that you can bake yourself.

Best potato scones

The smell as it bakes in the oven and the sophisticated combination of crispy exterior and soft interior is simply irresistible. I have made it several times and it has been a huge success every time. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Easy Homemade Breakfast Waffle Recipe

There's nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly made waffles in the morning.

Delicious mango Parfait

A delicious mango parfait that I prepared last summer during a very hot afternoon. The sweet and fresh flavor of the mango, along with the touch of honey and Greek yogurt, create a perfect combination to enjoy at any time of the day.

Garlic-cheese spread

Tasty and quickly prepared garlic cheese spread that is perfect for breakfast.