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Coffee cream

I have been making this coffee cream cake for many years. Italian coffee beans give me the best coffee experience, which is complemented perfectly with cane sugar and also completes the flavours of the cake.

Chocolate icing for candy

Chocolate frosting that is perfect for Christmas cookies.

Caramel cream

Recipe for caramel cream, which can be used as a filling for pancakes, as an accompaniment to pudding or desserts. I prepare it often for family celebrations and it is always a favourite. I love its subtle caramel aroma and full flavor that is both sweet and slightly bitter.

Pasta salad without mayonnaise

Recipe for a delicious pasta salad without mayonnaise, instead of which sour cream is used.

Juicy salmon

Recipe for juicy salmon that is baked in the oven.

Linzer cake

Christmas linzer cake, which is filled with jam.

Christmas punch

A delicious Christmas punch that must not be missing on our Christmas table.

Linzer cookies

Fantastic and traditional in our country linzer cakes, stuck together with jam.

Christmas log

Recipe for a tasty roulade, which is also called a Christmas log.

Gingerbread house

Recipe for a delicious and beautiful gingerbread house, which inevitably belongs to Christmas.

Beef on red wine

Recipe for delicious beef on red wine with carrots.

Beef with vegetables

Beef stew with vegetables, suitable for lunch or dinner.

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