How to make the best focaccia bread recipe

How to make the best focaccia bread recipe

Focaccia is a great bread that everyone should know how to make

30+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

The recipe can be found in this article

30+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day


number of servings

Dough Ingredients

  • 335 g Water (105-115 F) Added to
  • 450 g Flour (Bread or All purpose) Added to
  • 9 g salt Added to
  • 9 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil Added to

For Baking

  • 20 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil Added to
  • 20 g water Added to

Topping Ideas

  • Coarse Kosher Salt Added to
  • Fresh Rosemary Added to
  • garlic Added to
  • Chiles Added to


95 min.
1. Step

Mix the ingredients-Add the yeast to the warm water along with a spoonful of the flour. Stir until dissolved. Let stand for 5-10 minutes until a light foam surfaces and little bubbles are visible. Note: Proofing is done to test the viability of the yeast. If there is no foam surface or little bubbles the yeast is likely dead and should be discarded for new yeast.

2. Step

Meanwhile, add the flour, and salt to a large mixing bowl. Once the yeast is proofed, pour in the mixture and mix the dough with your hands until no dry flour remains in the bowl and a cohesive mass forms. The dough will be very sticky. Pour the olive oil over the dough, work together until the oil is absorbed. Cover and let rest for 20 minutes.

3. Step

Bulk Fermentation + Gluten Development-Once rested, perform a stretch and fold by grabbing a corner of the dough in the bowl, lift straight up to stretch the dough as high as it will go without tearing and fold over to the other side. Rotate the bowl and perform three more reps of stretch and folds. Once folded, turn the dough over onto itself, cover and let rest another 25-30 minutes. This is one set of a stretch and fold, perform 3 more sets with 25-30 minutes rest in between.For each stretch and fold set, the dough should feel more elastic and stretch further without tearing with some air bubbles present-Proofing (Second Ferment)

4. Step

Drizzle olive oil into a 9x13 baking pan until the bottom is covered. After the last stretch and fold, turn the focaccia dough into the pan and gently work it to the edges. Note: If the dough is springing back from the edges, cover and let rest for 15-20 minutes before gently working to the edges.

5. Step

Cover the pan and let the focaccia proof for 45-60 minutes. At the end of proofing, the dough should be well risen and puffy with gas bubbles. Preheat the oven to 450 F.

6. Step

Dimple + Add Toppings-Dimple the proofed dough with wet fingers by gently pushing to the bottom of the pan, but do not accidentally go through the dough. For me, I like lots of dimples and run over the dough 2-3 times.

7. Step

Whisk the olive oil and water together with a fork until it emulsifies, about 2-3 minutes. Pour the mixture over the focaccia where it will pool into the dimples.

8. Step

Sprinkle flaky salt and fresh herbs over the top. If using other toppingslike grape tomatoes, or olives, add them now too and gently press into the dough. Note: This turns into a great pizza with sauce, cheese and anything else you may have in the fridge.

9. Step

Bake-on the middle rack of the 450 F oven and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden on top. Let rest under a cloth on a wire rack for 5 minutes before slicing into hunks of focaccia

10. Step

Serve as is, or slice in half for creating sandwiches.

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Erich_Beer 25/12/2023

How much yeast? I don't see it on the ingredient list.



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