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Are you looking for a recipe suggestion from the category ginger? You have come to the right place! One of these 368 recipes may become your new favorite. Preparation time 1 - 4320 minutes. You can find the exact preparation time below each recipe. In addition, see how many portions you will get by using the given amount of ingredients. If you can’t make up your mind, then we recommend these favorite and very popular recipes - The best Chicken japanese curry recipe, Traditional gingerbread recipe, Easy homemade Ginger shot recipe, Easy butter chicken recipe.

Indian Lentil Dhal

Red lentil dhal is a classic Indian dish that is not only nutritious but also tasty.

Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk

A recipe for Hokkaido pumpkin soup with coconut milk, suitable for lunch.
Recipe preview Raspberry Valentine's Muffins

Raspberry Valentine's Muffins

A cup recipe for Valentine's muffins filled with fresh raspberries.

Mandarin Cake

This mandarin cake is an excellent dessert that every sweet lover will appreciate.

Asian Chicken Soup

A warming and hearty soup, packed with traditional Asian flavors. This simple dish is perfect as a standalone meal or as an appetizer for an Asian feast.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

A sweet and eye-catching Christmas treat that will be the centerpiece of family gatherings. Prepare the traditional gingerbread recipe, then shape the dough into a Christmas tree.

Best Ginger Cookies Ever

Delicious and spicy ginger cookies, perfect for the holiday season or any time you need a sweet treat. Made with candied ginger, these cookies have a delightful kick.

How to make Easy Sangria

Sangria is a refreshing and fruity wine-based cocktail popular in Spanish and Portuguese culture. Let's see how to make it.

Vegan Gingerbread

A healthy, vegan alternative to traditional gingerbread. Its taste will surely win over everyone who tries it!

Christmas Cup Cream

This Christmas cup cream is a truly festive dessert, perfect for every holiday table. The creamy, chocolaty taste, the refreshing orange, and the deep, rich spices combined makes this recipe really special.

Asian Chicken Pan

Preparation of juicy chicken pan with an exotic touch of traditional Asian cuisine.

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Delicious and aromatic gingerbread cookies perfect for Christmas. Easy to make and filled with holiday flavors like cinnamon, ginger, and molasses.

Microwave Christmas Pudding

Despite being prepared in a microwave, the flavour and texture remain rich and indulgent in this recipe, just as a traditional Christmas pudding should.

Gingerbread muffins

Recipe for easy gingerbread muffins, which are especially popular with children.

Christmas gingerbread doll

One of my favorite recipes that I always make during the holiday season are gingerbread dolls. Not only are they fun to make with the kids, but they are also delicious. Their aroma of fresh cookies and Christmas spices fill the house immediately. Without a doubt, it's a recipe that brings a lot of joy and Christmas spirit.

"Printen" traditional German recipe

I love baking Printen. As a traditional Aachen pastry, they are an absolute must at Christmas time. With their spicy mixture of honey, rock candy and gingerbread spice, they are always a delicious and festive addition. Through years of practice, I have refined my Printen recipe time and time again and I look forward to sharing it with you.