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Best recipe ideas from the category Vegetable dishes all in one place! How about trying one of these 1554 recipes today? These recipes will take about 4 - 1440 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. Recipes such as The best ever carbonara recipe, The best homemade potato latkes recipe, Easy Chickpea Salad with Lemon and Dill, The best and easiest mushroom and cream pasta recipe are among our most popular. Check them out - you might find them appealing too!

Chickpea Pancakes

Looking for something new as inspiration for lunch? You can use these pancakes as a main meal or dinner, as a side dish or on their own, complemented according to taste, whether with vegetables, cheese, meat... It's up to you.

Pancakes without sugar

Pancakes from baby food

Apple pancakes with yogurt dip

Healthy sugar-free snack suitable for kids

Bean Pancakes

A simple and quick meal idea.

Semolina Dumplings for Soup

These dumplings can be used in soup or even as a side dish to a sauce

Mini Muffin Cheesecakes

You can prepare cheesecakes in muffin cups, so there's no need to cut anything. Plus, I'm offering a slightly lighter recipe.
Recipe preview Simple Cherry Compote

Simple Cherry Compote

A great compote without sterilization, without much work, and without using an oven!!! I preserve this compote this way every year and it's excellent. I learned this method 20 years ago from my Hungarian neighbour :-)

Grilled Camembert on a Pan

Grilled Camembert on a pan is a simple and quick dish that is suitable as a main course.

Grilled Hokkaido Pumpkin

A simple and tasty recipe for grilled Hokkaido pumpkin, which is ideal for grilling during warm summer days.

Mexican Pancakes

Mexican pancakes are a popular dish that is quick and easy to prepare. Great idea for a quick lunch or dinner.

Homemade Gnocchi with Spinach

A quick and tasty dinner or lunch

Baked Pancakes with Ham and Cheese

A classic recipe for baked pancakes with ham and cheese.

Curd Cheese Mugcake

Quick and tasty breakfast

Creamy Risotto with Peas

Creamy risotto with peas is a perfect meal for those looking for healthy and balanced cooking.
Recipe preview Stuffed Eggplant
Photo recipe

Stuffed Eggplant

STUFFED EGGPLANT ➡️ Did you know that eggplant contains many minerals, vitamins and is rich in iron for example? You can make a great summer lunch from it in just a few moments 😉