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Bounty chocolate homemade

Making Bounty chocolate at home has been a long time in the making for me. Recently, I was holding a real bounty chocolate in my hand and I was thinking about how much I love the delicious, tropical flavour it gives. I decided it was time to make it at home, as I am convinced that there is more to homemade sweets than meets the eye.

Hot chocolate

This recipe makes a very delicious, real, spread-it-all-around hot chocolate, which I personally like to make because it's a bit more time-consuming after the spreading, but very satisfying! And the end result is always spectacular, and the effort put into it gets deservedly positive feedback every time.

Chocolate mousse cake

Making a chocolate mousse cake is a real treat - I first made this wonderful cake for my boyfriend's birthday and since then it has been made countless times in my kitchen. The combination of the smell of the chocolate, the delicate texture of the mousse and the crispy pastry is a real treat.


I've made cornbread many times for my vegan friends, as it can be prepared in many different flavours. Simple and quick, ideal as a starter.

Fried cauliflower in the oven

This recipe is one of my favourites - not only because it's easy to make, but also because of the taste and texture of the finished dish. I have made it several times now, perfecting the technique and seasoning.

Pineapple tarts

Baking has always been a hobby of mine, and I'm particularly proud of this fruity dessert. I've made pineapple tarts many times and they've always been a great success.

Tuscan chicken ragout

For me, Tuscan chicken stew is very special, as I have made it many times at home and always got positive feedback. The combination of spices and ingredients creates a very distinctive sweet and sour flavour.

Stuffed geese

Stuffed goose is an excellent Hungarian dish that I have prepared many times in my family. I always buy fresh goose meat, the best goose leg oil, so that all the ingredients come from us.

Tepsis meat with potatoes

Speaking from personal experience, meat and potatoes is a simple yet tasty and filling dish that I'm happy to make any time. The most important thing when preparing it is to make sure that the potatoes are thoroughly cleaned and thinly sliced, so that they get enough fat to crisp up nicely.

Mushroom slice with sour cream

The perfect dish for Sunday lunch.

Roast goose leg

I wish you a successful recipe! The inimitable taste makes it worth a try!

Savoury muffin recipe

A delicious dish that I like to serve to my guests on special occasions, this light and tasty savoury muffin.

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