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Simple dark sauce with duck breast

All our guests always ask me how I make my dark sauce for duck breast. The combination of cooked red wine, juicy, tender shallots, fresh thyme and a pinch of sugar gives the sauce a balanced, deep and sweet note. The addition of a good duck stock enhances the festive flavor of this sauce.

Egg-free cookies - recipe from Agata

This easy egg-free cookie recipe has been one of my favorites since I tried it a few years ago. It's a wonderfully soft and chocolatey treat that's also perfect for a quick snack.

Make your own Raffaello liqueur

Let yourself be surprised by exciting, homemade liqueurs! This delicious creation is my absolute favorite - Raffaello liqueur! The blend of creamy coconut, the smoothness of white chocolate and the seductive scent of rum is simply irresistible for any Raffaello lover!

Granita al Limone with pineapple - Sicilian cuisine

One hot summer a few years ago, I discovered Sicilian granite. This refreshing ice cream, traditionally made with fruit, sugar and water, was just what I needed when it was 30 degrees and the sun was shining. I took the recipe home with me and refined it little by little to suit my preferences and tastes.

Rocky Roads - recipe ready in 20 minutes and without baking

Rocky Road is one of my favorite sweets that I love to make again and again. Rich chocolate combined with crunchy cookies and sweet marshmallows makes for a unique flavor combination that delights adults and children alike.

Make your own dog cookies

This easy and healthy dog cookie recipe is a big favorite with my four-legged friend. I've baked these cookies countless times and my dog's delight every time he nibbles them is priceless. The addition of beef broth means that dogs simply love these dog cookies.

Vegetarian cheese and leek soup with asparagus

The vegetarian cheese and leek soup is popular with vegetarians and meat eaters alike. It is very warming on cold days and is wonderfully filling.

Cream cheese sauce for ravioli - recipe

This is my favorite cheese and cream sauce that I have been making for years. It's a delicious sauce with a mild, delicious flavor, perfect not only for ravioli, but also with pasta, meat or as a dip for vegetables.

Russian piroshki recipe

Russian piroshki fill your whole house with their aroma during preparation. I have made this recipe many times and my friends and family always love it.

SoupMeat from Agata

This recipe for meat soup comes from my grandmother. I've made it myself many times and it tastes delicious every time. It's a classic, hearty dish that warms and fills you up, especially on cold winter days.

Delicious spaghetti aglio e olio with prawns

This recipe is something very special and comes from my time in Italy. If you love prawns and the delicious combination of garlic and olive oil, you will love this recipe for pasta aglio e olio with prawns!

Oatmeal cookies with raisins

This recipe is one of my favorite oatmeal cookie recipes and I always find them delicious and nutritious. The cookies are crispy and sweet and are perfect for a snack or breakfast.

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